Words by Tommy X AKA DJ Full Metal Racket

DJ’s are an eccentric bunch: There’s no debating it.

You really don’t have to be a genius to work out that they’re likely THE strangest characters knocking about at the water cooler and pretty hard not to recognise…

Who else do you know that’s able to somehow seamlessly integrate Pete Tong into their coffee break small talk? That bloke two desks over who has a framed photo of Sade? He’s actually a weird, weird man.

And if you didn’t think it possible, it seems that this eclectic bunch are getting even more bizarre.

The latest trend in DJ Onomatology (names for you uncultured folk) is to pick the most random moniker you can imagine and place it after the standard “DJ” prefix. We’re even willing to wager a little bit of kitty that some have been spat out by this random DJ name generator.

From DJ Boring

To DJ Relationship Goals

And everything in between

Though the names might be getting stranger, the tunes are still getting rinsed and remain absolutely gun. As long as it stays that way you could be called DJ Jim’s Mowing for all we care, if the beats are good then so are we.

Here are some other gems.

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