Take a pinch of schmooven, a bit of hooven and a whole lot of groovin’ and what do you get ?

Holding Hands of course, made up of Sydney local boys, Edward MacDonald (one half of Human Movement) and Thomas Hodgson, who’re bringing some serious heat with the latest instalment of their new project.

The pair have taken the always relaxing folk vibes of James Yorkston’s ‘Woozy With Cider’ and added a dreamy bassline, coupling the Scot’s soft, spoken-word poetry and calming tones with a rework that boasts some cranking percussion.

For a first release, the remix is loaded with a real sense of maturity and poise, which obviously means we’re expecting big, big tings from these lads.

After recent headline duties at Tokyo Sing Song and a string of mixes for local crews such as Pilot, it seems the Holding Hands boys have an ever tightening grip on the Sydney scene.

Are these blokes Sydney’s best kept secret? Take a listen below and decide for yourself!

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